Nourished vegan teenagers guide cookbook

About us

My 14yo daughter went vegan after my husband showed her a doco on the dairy industry – she didn’t want any part of animal cruelty. I didn’t totally agree with the dramatic change in diet but wanted to give her a good reason why it wasn’t appropriate – especially for an adolescent girl.

The internet confused me so I went back to Uni and found out that the research does support it from a health point of view. I want to tell other parents that it’s ok if done the right way and I want teenagers to take responsibility.

Teenagers feel parents don’t listen to them (I’ve bought all the ‘how to raise a teenager’ books so I know) and I figured this would be a good way to connect with her. I really hope this book can help some relationships along the way. FYI my daughters blood tests are perfect (I considered that my thesis) and we have a great relationship when food is around 🙂

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