Six rules for a nourished vegan

Info for Parents

Info for Parents

If your child has come to you wanting to go vegan, then I understand how it feels to be in your position. I was you. Perhaps unlike you though, I had the resources (ie time) to be able to look into it.  

I didn’t totally agree with the dramatic change in diet but wanted to give her a good reason why it wasn’t appropriate – especially for an adolescent girl. ‘Because I said so’ wasn’t working.

The internet confused me so I went back to Uni and found out that the research does support it from a health point of view. I want to tell other parents that it’s ok if done the right way and I want teenagers to take responsibility.

With this book, your vegan can prepare their own meals giving you one less thing to think about.

Teenagers feel parents don’t listen to them (I’ve bought all the ‘how to raise a teenager’ books and that’s what they tell me) and I figured this would be a good way to connect with her.  FYI my daughters blood tests are great, and we have a great relationship when food is around 🙂  You know when a teenager smiles at you…. wait for it… it’s amazing!!!

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